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Profilo storico

Sergio Gonzalez de la Garza was born in 8 May 1932 in Monterrey,N.L. northeast of Mexican Republic.
He is the founder of Psicocibernetica Esseni Study Center.

In 1976 he started the communication with master NUMU, the one who gave him with the lesson that has to be shared with all the human Brotherhood. Starting from that moment, Sergio’s life changed and he dedicated al his energies exclusively on diffusing the teaching that his master left him. He was trained in multiple thematic arguments related with Humanity, Life, with Cosmos and the laws that govern it.

Sergio converted himself in a living example of his teaching. He sparked on his listeners the desire to go with him on the path to the discovering of life. His great charisma, his conscience and his intelligence leaved an indelible hollow in the memory of who participated on his seminaries and spiritual retirements. He extended his fame as Man of Knowledge and Power, in every city that was invited to take his Seminaries and his Healing Mental Therapy.

His contribute to Humanity is based on the instructions of his teaching, that describes the service, without any kind of reward, like the best way to manifest the Impersonal Love and to free the Men’s Divine Essence. He promoted the self-Discipline, the Fore-thought, the Prayer and Meditation as the a fundamental element for a better Life. He himself, with his example, gave instructions for a deeper Love and Fidelity and Truth of Life.

He disembodied in 25 April 1994 leaving a deep wound in thousands of people hearts and consciences.

His teaching will always go on diffusing in the infinite Will of the Beloved Father.

From who knew him, who loved his teaching, who walked and walks the path that he handed: to him goes the greater appreciation that our hearts can remember and express.

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